How to make Homemade Baby Food that you won't find at the Supermarket

The Royal Children's Hospital of Victoria suggest you start your baby on solid food at about six months of age. Begin with infant cereals (with added iron), vegetables, fruit, meat, chicken, fish, cooked tofu and legumes. They also recommend that you start introducing just one or two foods at a time so your baby can learn about the flavour and texture of each new food.

While the possibilities of purees you can make for your baby are endless, here are some recipes you can try in your Babycook.

Fruit and Vegetable Purees

Veggie Purées:

Purées with Meat/Fish:

Fruit Purées:

Some quick and easy uncooked purées:

  • Mashed Banana
  • Mashed Avocado
  • Yoghurt in the BabySqueez

    Remember that your baby should be able to sit up independently and hold their head up before introducing any type of solid food. While many families start with purees, do not wait too long to introduce foods of different textures including chunky and finger food.

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