The Long List of 50 Activities to Keep Kids Busy at Home!

While we are all living in uncertain times, there is no doubt that we all need some positive distractions and there is no one better at that than kids! That being said, keeping them happy and entertained, while staying home for extended periods of time is not what they (or we!) are used to.

To give you a helping hand, we have thought ahead and have this long list of activities, to keep your kids busy at home!

Play with the sprinkler!

Outside Play

  1. Set up an Obstacle Course in your backyard. Time each lap and see if they can beat their best time!
  2. Create a fairy garden in a corner of your yard. Collect stones and flowers to decorate and build a fairy house out of what you have found.
  3. Go on a bike ride. For older children, you could set up a 'pump track' with small mounds and tight turns.
  4. Jump on the trampoline
  5. Make sand castles or mud pies.
  6. Use chalk to draw on the pavement or driveway.
  7. Go on a nature scavenger hunt to collect the most interesting things you can find.
  8. Make flower necklaces or crowns.
  9. Using chalk, turn your yard into a mini city with roads, traffic lights, signs and carparks. Ride around on your bike or a ride-on toy if you have one!
  10. Plant and harvest a small veggie garden. Make sure you care for it over the weeks ahead!
  11. Fill a tub with water, find some different containers, funnels and jugs from the kitchen and play!
  12. See if you can find some worms by digging in the dirt. Check under rocks if you have some!
  13. Set up some goal posts and practice your ball kicking skills!
  14. Have a picnic in the garden.
  15. Use a skipping rope to see how long you can skip for. Set a timer!
  16. Have a treasure hunt for seeds.
  17. Lay down on the grass and see what is flying above you! Are there birds, planes or clouds?
  18. Find some bugs, photograph them and see if you can find out their names!
  19. Go hunting for four leaf clovers in the grass.
  20. Water your garden and maybe have some fun with the hose while you're at it!

Digging for worms

Indoor Play

  1. Build a fort out of towels and sheets!
  2. Put on a play for family members using puppets.
  3. Use costumes or clothes from people in your family and put on a fashion parade.
  4. Play Hide and Seek.
  5. Use old boxes to create a shop. Make signs and prices and choose what to sell!
  6. Use or make play-dough and have fun!
  7. Host a tea party for all of your toys.
  8. Turn your dining room into a restaurant. Create a menu and take orders.
  9. Create a hair salon where you can style your doll or family's hair
  10. Make a hospital for your sick toys and play doctor.


  1. Cut up some dried leaves into tiny pieces and turn into nature glitter! Use glue to make into a picture.
  2. Create a mask of your favourite animal!
  3. Paint on an easel, if you don't have one, tape your page to a window!
  4. Create a collage using flowers found outside
  5. Make finger paint and have fun!
  6. Carve potatoes into fun shaped stamps!
  7. Use salt dough, create a wall hanging and cook in the oven to make it go hard, then paint it!
  8. Make a card for a family member and post it!
  9. Make a book about your family. Use photos or drawings for each member.
  10. Use some recyclable materials to create a musical instrument!

playing with play dough


  1. Make a smoothie.
  2. Bake a cake and decorate it.
  3. Create cute cookies.
  4. Roll out some protein balls.
  5. Help make your lunch.


  1. Using animal toys, set up a habitat, read books about them and then make a mask to dress up as your favourite animal.
  2. Go on a space exploration. Create a space ship and choose which planet you will visit!
  3. Watch your favourite movie. Turn the characters into puppets and put on a play or use the action figure toys you already have.
  4. Build a Lego city. Make sure you have roads, houses, a school and a hospital.
  5. Using fabric or blankets, create a world for your dinosaurs. Read books about them and watch a dinosaur movie! 

Have you got some more ideas? Let us know in the comments below!

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