SX Pro Physiological Silicone Soother

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Suavinex SX Pro Physiological Silicone Soother is an ultra light, all silicone soother for baby. Its SX Pro Teat has a thinner and wider neck, shorter and flatter head than traditional soothers, helping respect the oral development of baby.


        • Respects the Oral Development of baby thanks to its teat which leaves more space for the tongue in the mouth
        • SX Pro Teat with a thinner and wider neck, shorter and flatter head that allows the mouth to be almost completely closed
        • Symmetrical and reversible nipple, it does not matter which side the soother is placed on
        • Sandblasted, ultra-soft finish silicone teat that imitates the mothers nipple
        • Teat Endorsed by the Spanish Society of Pediatric Dentistry (SEOP)
        • Ideal for sleeping, does not leave marks on baby's face. The inclined ring folds easily and does not disturb when resting the face against a surface.


        • Material: 100% Photo-oxidation treated silicone which minimises the adhesion of lint and dirt particles to the soother. Without additives. Non-toxic (BPA free)
        • Care: Before first use, boil for 5 minutes. Allow to cool and squeeze out any water before use. Before each use, clean thoroughly with running warm water and disinfect regularly (boiling or similar). Do not clean in dishwasher or disinfect in microwave oven. Do not leave in direct sunlight, near a source of heat, or in disinfectant / sterilising solution for longer than recommended. 
        • Use: From birth