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    My child Favourite Baby Sleeping Aid Product 2020   

"My mother and grandmother bought the Cocoonababy for me as a baby present being my second baby I had most things. She is a windy baby and always preferred being held upwards to sleep, as soon as we used the Cocoonababy mattress she slept happily. Her sleep got better and better as the days and weeks have gone on. She is 8 weeks old and is sleeping 11hours over night! I am feeling totally fresh every morning thanks to you guys!! 

Love love love this baby mattress" - Ella, 7 January 2020

"After a few shit nights of her in the bassinet, I tried this, which a friend evangelically advocated. It's the duck's nuts. She's not slept elsewhere since. It's on an incline for her reflux, is portable, gives her in-womb snugness, is safe, and I feel confident co-sleeping with it." - Zoe Foster Blake, 16 August 2017

"Cocoonababy is one of the best product we use as first time parents with our little baby boy. It helped us big time with colic as well as with handling our baby in a safe way. We use it for feeding and sleeping and our litle one simply loves spending time in it. Cocoonababy calms him down and gives him a feeling of being protected.
Apart from giving a great support with colic pain for the baby it also gives more confidence to parents as their babies are protected in a safe position.
Warm reco from our side!!!" - Sanja, 20 April 2016

"The coocoonababy has made a big difference to Archie’s sleep and he loves it. It’s an ergonomically designed mattress that’s like a little “nest” for the baby and mimics the semi-foetal position in the womb. It’s on a bit of an angle so it limits gastric reflux and reduces the involuntary jerky movements that often wakes them up. I often settle Archie in my arms, and the transition from me to the cooconababy is much easier that putting him down on a normal flat mattress because it’s cosy and cocoons him like my arms." - Magdalena Roze, 18 Jan 2016

"The cocoonababy nest is probably the best baby product we had when our little one was born. A few key elements that match parents' criteria: safety, comfort and easy of use. We simply love it. Our daughter can safely sleep in any location and also be tiny bit on the side. The foam mattress embraces her body shape and the belt makes it secure. It is also a great way to limit baby's movement, which is a perfect combination with the swaddle of the first 3-4 months. I would recommend the cocoonababy as a must-have in the shopping list of future parents!" - Agnes, Sydney NSW, 6 Oct 2015

"I'm more than happy to give a recommendation for the Cocoonababy® because I believe it's been invaluable to our baby's sleeping habits. I have been raving about the Cocoonababy® to all of my friends and family ever since we received it. Even my mother who swore by a bassinette is now a converted fan of the Cocoonababy.
We have used the Cocoonababy® for our 2 month old right from the first day that we arrived home from hospital (first picture attached is when we arrived home). My husband and I truly believe that if it weren't for the Cocoonababy®, that our baby would not have been such a good sleeper. Right from the first night, our baby has slept soundly through the night in her own room and only ever woken once for a feed during the night (never numerous times). Our baby has slept from 10pm until 7am every night since she was 4 weeks old and we believe that the comfort and shape of the Cocoonababy® is the reason for her sleeping so well.
When we first saw the price of the Cocoonababy® (approx $300) we initially thought it to be very expensive for something that would only last our baby up to 6 months, however it paid itself off very quickly with how well it assisted our baby with sleeping and we now believe it's invaluable to our baby's sleep and our sanity! We also now think it's good value for money because our baby sleeps in it all night and also for her daytime sleeps and naps, effectively using it all day everyday, which not many other baby products could endure. We have also found the Cocoonababy® to be very portable and easy to travel with, we just pack it in the car and take it to friends and relatives for our baby to sleep in basically anywhere. We are even planning on taking it on an interstate trip soon.
"I'm proud to be helping to spread the word about the Cocoonababy® because it's been such a wonderful help to us in getting Alexis to sleep well."
"This is just a message of thanks our wonderful purchase of the CocoonaBaby® from you. Our beautiful son, Andrew Cater was born on 16th May and so today marks 3 months old!  He has loved his Cocoonababy® from the first day home from hospital and I hardly have him out of it for his sleeps.He, like my other boys has reflux but has only posited in his bed twice in Three months! He also sleeps so much better than my other boys did at this age.
Also I big thing for me is that he rater be put down in his cocoonababy than be rocked in my arms!!!!! Thus saving my back and time taken to settle a baby as well! I am so happy and I don't look forward to the day he wants to roll over or turn ( i guess this is fast approaching now)
This was the best investment ( along with the rocking cradle ) that we have made in terms of baby products.
Thank you very very much, and to add to that your service  friendly manner and  delivery to my husbands work) was outstanding service.
Many thanks again, I have recommended the cocoonababy® and you to lots of mums to be!" - M.W. Hawthorne VIC
"Thank you Cocoonababy® for making Hugo's & our nights so good last 4months! we almost didn't feel we had a new born in the house!We Love it & recommend it to all!" - Anna, Fairfield VIC
"Merci, we're loving the Cocoonababy®." - Philippine, Albert Park VIC
"We love the cocoonababy®. Our son slept on his until he was six months and he loved it. We couldn't recommend it enough! Noah would not settle in the crib at the hospital and as soon as we put him in the cocoonababy® he was happy. The midwifes were so impressed with it. We also have had to move a lot and we were able to take it with us easily so that he always had his bed, the shape and belt meant that we never had to worry about him rolling over and it kept his beautiful little head perfectly round!" - Eran


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"Thanks for your prompt reply, my baby is 7 days old and wasn't settling in his Moses basket at night BUT last night first sleep in the Cooconababy... a miracle, he slept from 11pm to 8am, waking only for 2 night time feeds... Worth every penny!" - Marilyn, 23 April 2016

"Some people might recommend a moses basket for a newborn, but I didn’t use one. Instead I used the Cocoonababy by Red Castle. This is definitely one of the best purchases we made for Georgie.

This nest has so many benefits; most importantly that a child feels as safe and secure as he did when in his mother’s womb. The semi-foetal position helps him to sleep longer and better. It also helps to avoid startle reflex (when a peaceful, sleeping baby suddenly throws his arms outwards and wakes up crying). It limits the risk of your baby getting a flat head, suffering from reflux and, by enabling your baby to touch his face and mouth, it helps him learn to control his movements.

The best part however, was that it was so simple to move the mattress around the house. When it was time for him to sleep in his crib I would carry him while in the Cocoonababy and place him with it in the crib. Another great thing is that he was sleeping in the same mattress whether we were in London, Beirut or Dubai… All I had to do was take the Coccoonababy with me." - Karen's Choice, 2 Mar 2015

"Both myself and my baby girl absolutely love it. She sleeps so well in it. In the hospital she slept in the cot and I found she was startled a lot, had spit ups, I had to turn her head for her cuz I felt bad that it was on one side a lot so didn't want her neck to hurt. The Cocoonababy helps with reflux, because the shape of it, her head is elevated. It sinks in so its like she's cradled. (Mimicked the womb) The lumbar for under the knees below the bottom helps with her little hips (just like us) and the belt helps with her not getting startled. It also helps with colic babies because it adds a little pressure on the stomach. There's so much more benefits to it, these r just a few. Well worth the money. We call her couch potato because she's always sleeping so peacefully." - @lisavonn

"I use the Cocoonababy® nest for my daughter who was born prematurely and I think it’s great. In it she adopts the right position and, as she regurgitated a lot, the Cocoonababy® nest has helped this to decrease during her sleep. Thanks for this wonderful innovation" - Anne-Laure, France
"Thanks again for the Cocoonababy® nest, a revolutionary product in the world of babies. In it, Jonas is as he was when in my tummy - like a fish in water. To resume - when I place him, from time to time, on a baby bouncer or on a mat, he cries after 5 minutes and twists in all directions. In his nest, he is at peace. I’ve talked about it to all the mums-to-be I know. Well done Red Castle for this invention." 

- Déborah, Paris, France
"I must admit to being won over, my baby sleeps blissfully in this product!"

 - Sophie, Moscow


Testimonials from health professionals: 

Dr Philippe Mayé, Pediatrician, Osteopath, Marseilles hospitals:
"I testify that the Cocoonababy® concept for newborn babies is of considerable interest during early life: - it brings them instant physical comfort: it allows the wrong
positions adopted by the fetus in the womb to be corrected, particularly as these wrong positions tend to become worse over the first few months
- it enables them to gain an early advantage on both the psycho-affective and motor fronts as this position allows them to have a better interactive relationship with those around them thereby helping them to learn more easily
- it gives them an advantage later on because as the child lies in this correct, flexed position his sight and hearing sensory inputs and thus his proprioceptive functions are enhanced.. The Cocoonababy® nest will therefore be an excellent prevention for dyspraxia in the future (dyslexia, dyscalculia...). These problems appear when the child starts primary school and the neurosciences have now linked them to bad posture during the initial months."
Marie Schmitt, Psychotherapist, Specialized in Newborns, Aix-en-Provence
"Thanks to the Cocoonababy® nest all newborns can benefit from the fruit of 10 years’ medical and postural research. In the first few months it will help them adapt from the aquatic environment in which they evolved into the aerial life in which they must live."
Dr Christian Palix, Head of the Neonatal Unit, Hôpital Nord, Marseilles
"Besides the medical and strongly re-educational benefits from lying in the Cocoonababy® nest (helps to avoid hypertonia, misshapen heads, reflux ...) it also offers the following advantages:
- it secures the child’s sacro-iliac base and makes it easier for him to lie in a regrouped position with flexed legs, similar to his position in the womb;
- the young child’s body and head are postured in such a way as to encourage eye contact with those around him - his body being in a flexed position, the movements and visualization of his upper limbs are optimized; - the posture obtained in the Cocoonababy® nest – which no other baby product or accessory can offer today - limits hyper extension and so dissipates the child’s fear of being “fragmented” (this feeling could be due to a difficult birth or discomfort in the womb)."
Dr Jean-Michel Bartoli, Neonatal Paediatrician, Saint-Joseph Hospital, Marseilles
"We have equipped the whole maternity clinic. Our aim is that no baby should ever lie flat on his back but always be correctly postured. Personally I use a Cocoonababy® nest when I examine all children younger than 4 months; the parents are surprised because their children cry so much less and are much more alert."
Roselyne Lalauze-Pol*, Lecturer in osteopathic perinatality, Paris
"By lying a child in the Cocoonababy® nest: - it prevents the newborn putting himself into an over- extended posture which can often happen if he is lying on a hard, flat surface; - it allows the child to make eye contact with those around him more easily; - it enables a flexed, adducted posture which encourages and facilitates early active prehension; - it avoids positional, postural plagiocéphalie which leads to numerous facial dysymmetries, which in turn can create problems with dental articulation later on."

Dr Claude Swaenepoel Paediatrician, ex head of department of Paris Hospitals
author of “The newborn cranium, from fœtal strains and their neurological implications to the repercussions in the adult” Edition Sauramps Médical (July2003 and January 2009)
"In the field of prematurity, the use of the Cocoonababy® nest brings about a quite spectacular result: The child’s comfort is immediate, the psychomotor prehension starts again, and interactive relationships are facilitated.
As for the full term baby, he finds himself contained in a reassuring “envelope”, lying in an adducted flexed posture which relaxes all the tensions acquired during birth and in the prenatal period. This posture favours visual contact and interactive communication with the child. The examination of a baby is completely revolutionized because he is calm, feels safe and reassured and is at the height of his interactive capacity. If used daily, the shape of the Cocoonababy® nest will refrain the child from adopting a hyper extended posture which in turn encourages misshapen heads. In fact the nest will actually help to progressively reshape the head."


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