Rice Porridge with Pear Puree

Mildly flavoured and smooth textured, baby rice is a common way to start your baby on solid foods. It is quickly and easily mixed by simply adding water or baby’s usual milk. Australia’s Department of Health, explain, “The first food offered to young babies is often iron-fortified infant cereal, as it is smooth, easy to mix in small amounts and provides extra iron, which is the additional nutrient most needed by babies.” This iron is needed, as at around 6 months of age, breast milk iron stores naturally decrease and at this time, many infants exhaust their iron stores. In this recipe, we have served this rice cereal with pureed pear for a bit of extra sweetness and added vitamins and fibre.

Rice Porridge with Pear Puree recipe

  • Suitable from: 4+ month old
  • Preparation time: 5 minutes
  • Cooking time:15 minutes
  • Ingredients:1 pear, 20g rice cereal, 40ml of water or baby's usual milk (EBM or formula)
  1. Peel the pear, core and chop into 1cm cubes.
  2. Put the pear in the steamer basket of the Babycook.
  3. Pour water into the tank (level 2).
  4. Start the cooking process.
  5. Meanwhile, take the rice cereal and place in a bowl for serving. Add water or baby's usual milk and mix to a thickness appropriate for your baby and set aside.
  6. When the pear is cooked, put it in the blending bowl, reserving the cooking liquid. Add the cooking liquid to bring the purée to the desired consistency and blend.
  7. Stir the pureed pear through the rice porridge and serve.

Et voila, bon appétit!

Chef’s tip

Follow the same recipe but use a couple of pears and freeze the leftovers in multiportions. Then you will have it on hand to simply defrost and add to baby cereal or other dishes quickly and

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